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About Happy Faces

Happy Faces is a contemporary preschool with a playful and brand new facility filled with educational programs and activities. We’re equipped with licensed educators that possess the experience necessary to allow for our students to grow. Our vibrant and educational preschool promotes linguistic, social, and cognitive needs of the students.

Our facility contains separate classrooms that are age-specific, so our students are learning at the level they are in. We also have an indoor and outdoor playspace for our students to let loose, and have a little more fun. We gladly invite all parents to visit Happy Faces, and see for themselves why we’re a great fit for your children.

What We Do

What are the advantages of a your kid attending Happy Faces?
What type of curriculum do you follow?
Do you provide meals? If so, what type of food do you offer?
How does the school/staff communicate with parents and how do you handle conflicts?

We communicate regularly with parents to keep them updated with their child’s progress and development. Staff will engage briefly with parents daily to communicate about their child’s day at pick up time. If additional time is required, parents may set up an appointment for a teacher-parent’s meeting.

Happy Faces Preschool is one of the best preschools in forest hills. Happy Faces helps your child prepare for elementary school. Helping your children learn through play is one of our primary goals. Happy Faces Preschool, Preschool Queens, Preschool Forest Hills, Preschool Queens NY, Preschool 11375.

Our Curriculum

Happy Faces Preschool Curriculum is a comprehensive program based on the most current research about learning in the early childhood years. Each activity for each day is closely aligned to the NYC standards. The 10 thematic units include activities matched carefully to each instructional area of language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies while building on children’s’ interests and their varying cultural and/or developmental levels.

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