Happy Faces Pre-K Curriculum is a comprehensive program based on the most current research about learning in the early childhood years. Each activity for each day is closely aligned to the NYC standards. The 10 thematic units include activities matched carefully to each instructional area of language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies while building on children’s’ interests and their varying cultural and/or developmental levels.

Teachers are provided needed guidance to promote social and emotional development and positive behavior management skills in their learners. Large group, small group, and independent activities during indoor and outdoor times prepare children to learn today as well as be prepared for the future. Parents are provided ways to support learning at home through weekly English, Russian and Spanish family letters.   

Happy Faces Pre-K Curriculum Thematic Units:

Ø  Unit 1: Welcome to Pre-K         September

Ø  Unit 2: My Five Senses              October

Ø  Unit 3: All About Us                   November

Ø  Unit 4: Where We Live              December

Ø  Unit 5: Transportation               January

Ø  Unit 6: Light                                  February

Ø  Unit 7: Water                                March

Ø  Unit 8: Plants                                April

Ø  Unit 9: Babies                               May

Ø  Unit 10: Transformation              June  

Each Thematic Unit includes:  One to two week lesson plan notebook including all daily activities tied to a theme. Activities are complete from arrival time   through departure time of children.

  • Six to 14 fiction and non-fiction books tied to the theme with listening comprehension and vocabulary building activities.
  • Music and Movement CD’s reflecting a wide array of genres to build awareness and interest that are tied to the theme.
  • Daily indoor and outdoor teacher and child initiated activities for large group, small group, and independent learning.
  • Guidance to promote social and emotional development and positive behavior management skills.            

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