Happy Faces COVID-19 – Safety Plan (PDF – Download)




·       PEOPLE 

–         Physical Distancing

1.      All personnel and children shall strictly maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance from each other to the extent possible.

2.      All adults shall wear a mask/face-covering at all times while on-premises.

3.      Children’s groupings will be kept static to the extent possible by having the same group of children with the same staff.

4.      Students from one group/class will have no/minimal contact with students from another class to the extent possible.

5.      Staff members shall not float between different classrooms unless necessary for the safety of the students, or due to unseen circumstances, for example, staff absence.

6.      During “nap-time” children/campers will be placed at least 6 feet apart in a head-to-toe fashion for the duration of the rest.

7.      Work areas/shared workstations such as desks, tables, chairs, etc., will be cleaned/disinfected between use, and wherever possible, plastic shielding walls will be used.

8.      Only one group/class of children will be allowed in the corridor connecting the classrooms, at any given time.

9.      Parents are requested to maintain strict social distancing of 6 feet during drop-off and pick-up of students; they are not allowed to spend more than 5 minutes in the childcare center.

10.  During drop-off/pick-up, the child will be received by the staff and delivered to the parent at the main entrance. Parents are prohibited from entering the classrooms for this purpose.


–         Caring for young children

1.      Frequent and thorough hand-hygiene shall be maintained for both staff and students.

2.      Parents are requested to send in multiple changes of clothing for their child.

3.      Crib-sheets shall be returned to the parents for laundry at the end of each day.

4.      When diapering and/or assisting with toileting, staff will wear gloves, wash hands, and follow cleaning/disinfection steps between each child. The child shall also wash hands after toileting.


–         Child Care Program Activities.

1.      Groups of students/classrooms shall be kept separated during playtime and other extracurricular activities in the multipurpose room.

2.      The playground/multipurpose room will be used by only one class at any given time while maintaining social distancing.

3.      All equipment in the playground shall be disinfected before being used by the next group of students.


–         Gathering in enclosed spaces

1.      Social distancing signage shall be placed at the entrance, outside the common room/ bathroom near the time clock.


–         Workplace activity

1.      Interpersonal contact shall be reduced by limiting personnel presence to only those staff who are necessary onsite.

2.      Adjustments will be made to work-hours of the staff to minimize the number of people on site.


–         Movement & Commerce

1.      Non-essential visitors shall be prohibited onsite to the extent possible.

2.      Areas of pick up/delivery will be established to limit contact.

3.      Hand hygiene and disinfection will be maintained after a delivery.

4.      Onsite interactions shall be strictly limited.

5.      All visitors/parents/students will be screened before being allowed on the premises.



·       PLACES:


–         Protective equipment

1.      Happy Faces’ Preschool shall provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment – masks, face shields, gloves, etc.) at no cost. However, the staff is allowed to use their PPE upon prior approval. PPE shall be cleaned or replaced as needed.

2.      Sharing of items such as electronic equipment, arts & craft material, etc., shall be strictly limited. If shared, such objects shall be cleaned and sterilized before reuse.


–         Hygiene/Cleaning/Disinfection

1.      Employees/staff and children shall perform hand-hygiene immediately upon entry into the program. They shall do so upon: (A). Arrival to the program, (B). Between all program activities, (C). After using the restroom, (D). Before and after eating, (E). Before departing the last program activity.

2.      Hand-hygiene stations will be maintained on-site as follows: (A). Hand -washing soap, running water, and disposable paper-towels will be provided. (B). Hand-sanitizing:  an alcohol-based hand-sanitizer (more than 60% alcohol will be made available where handwashing facilities may not be available/practical.

(C). Hand sanitizer will be made available throughout common areas such as the entrance, hallway, classrooms, multipurpose room, and the playground.

(D). Receptacles will be placed around the facility for the disposal of soiled items including PPE.

3.      Cleaning and disinfection supplies will be provided for shared/frequently touched surfaces, for example, door handles, toys, art supplies, handrails, and areas where children meet.

4.      Regular cleaning and disinfection of the whole site will be conducted with special attention to high – risk areas, for example, bathrooms, common areas, kitchen, and other frequently touched surfaces.

5.      Toys will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Toys that cannot be cleaned and sanitized will not be used. Students are prohibited from bringing toys/articles from home.

6.      Children’s items and other belongings shall be kept separated from others in individually labeled containers.  

7.      Sleeping surfaces including bedding of one child will not be in contact with those of another child during storage; mats and cots will be stored so that sleeping surfaces do not touch when stacked.

8.      Employees are prohibited from sharing food and beverages.

9.      Students are expected to bring in their own meals/snacks so as to minimize the number of personnel in the building, and avoid exposure and cross contamination.

10.  In case anyone is suspected and/or confirmed to have COVID – 19, the plan will be as follows: (A). The area/s used by the person will be closed off, cleaned, and disinfected. (B). Shared building spaces, for example, elevators, lobby, outdoor spaces, will be closed, cleaned, and disinfected. Once the area has been appropriately cleaned and disinfected, it will be reopened for use.

(C). Employees without close/proximal contact with the person will return to work immediately after cleaning and disinfection. (D). Those returning to work following a COVID – 19 infection/exposure will follow the Department of Health’s guidance/regulations.


–         Phased reopening

Staff absenteeism will be monitored along with the underlying reason.


–         Communication Plan

1.      The COVID – 19 Reopening Safety Plan will be discussed with the staff before implementation. The staff shall be trained thereafter.

2.      Parents/guardians and staff will be provided the updated information as it becomes available.

3.      Happy Faces Preschool shall strictly monitor for updates and adhere to C.D.C and D.O.H guidelines concerning the use of PPE, verbal communication & signage both inside and outside the facility.


·       PROCESSES:

–         Screening & Testing

1.      Staff is requested to stay at home if they are sick.

2.      Parents are requested to keep sick children at home.

3.      Staff/Parents/Guardians shall lookout for signs & symptoms of respiratory distress indicative of an infection.

4.      Daily health screening, including temperature measurement, will be conducted for the staff, students, and visitors.

5.      Social distancing will be maintained during these screenings.

6.      Visual inspections of children will be maintained throughout the day for signs of COVID – 19 infections including but not limited to flushed cheeks, rapid/difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness.

7.      Employees and parents/guardians are requested to disclose immediately if the responses to any of the above questions change or if signs & symptoms are noticed.

8.      Happy Faces Preschool shall prohibit children, staff, and parents/guardians from entering the site if they are significant for the signs & symptoms of COVID – 19.

9.      If a child or their household members become symptomatic for and/or tests positive for COVID – 19 must be immediately quarantined and may not return or attend the childcare until after the period of quarantine is complete (14 days).

–         Tracing & Tracking

1.      Happy Faces Preschool is mandated to notify the State and the local health department immediately after being informed of any positive COVID – 19 test results by an employee/parent at the site.

2.      Confidentiality shall be maintained throughout the notification process.


–          Safety plans shall be conspicuously posted throughout the premises of the program.


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